Malta Electromobility Manufacturing
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Technologies for pure electrical mobility in Malta

Providing best in class solutions of fully electrical Mobility of people and goods.

MEM is an initiative born from the meeting between I-FEVS and ERREMME. Our aim is to facilitate the electrification of Maltese transports by producing locally electric mobility solutions tailored to the Island’s needs.

We are a group of highly experienced professionals in technologies and business development in Malta and abroad.


Research and development

Running partnership with over 100 industrial and R&D institutions in Europe.


Advanced Manufacturing

Flexible, agile and lean low investment manufacturing. Advanced implementaion of Industry 4.0 concepts.


Supply Chain

Partnership with major automotive TIer1s and TIers2 suppliers.


Hight Profit Oriented Operations

What we aim to do

Mobility solutions

tailored to Malta

Manufacturing of safe, efficient, ergonomic and affordable Passengers, Vans, Pick-ups and I-bikes.

Commitment: highly innovative mobility solutions

All Solar-Assisted Products

  • Passengers
  • Vans
  • Pick-Ups
  • I-Bikes
  • Fully Electric Future Mobility

Our differentiation

  • Profound technological knowledge across various disciplines
  • Collaboration with over 100 R&D organizations in Europe
  • Free access to a large patent portfolio related to all forms of mobility
  • Ability to deep-dive into technologies and products.
  • Unique business opportunities assessment based on group’s experience
  • Quick adaptation of technologies to emerging needs and opportunities.
Research & Development

MEM’s involved in

Ambitious European project funded!


FLUENTLY: the essence of human-robot interaction

December 2021 update

The project has been positively evaluated and will be funded by the European Commission.

September 2021.

MEM partner of a consortium of 21 R&D institutions including STMicroelectronics, Prima Industrie, SUPSI University, Bit & Brain Technologies and Waseda University from Japan. The FLUENTLY project leverages the latest advancements in AI-driven decision-making process to achieve true social collaboration between humans and machines.

Capital Raising for an innovative electric car and e-bikes company in Malta

This business proposition relates to an automotive company with an innovative solution to produce electric vehicles with high performance, efficiency and safety in line the European New Car Assessment Programme (EURO NCAP).
Along with the assistance of EU funded projects, over the last years the company invested heavily in research and development. A number of models are ready for production and to subsequently go on the market.
From an innovative point of view, apart from the traditional charging by connecting the vehicle to some form of charging infrastructure, vehicles produced by this brand are also equipped with Photo Voltaic Panels. These vehicles may charge via traditional charging infrastructure and partially via Photo Voltaic Panels.
Amongst others, the models comprise of a Passenger vehicle classified as Kei-car/M1 (designed and constructed for carriage of passengers), with 2 front seats and 3 ergonomics rear seats. The vehicle is 340cm long with a width of 148cm and 158cm in height. It comes with a top speed of 120km/h and with 10kWh/100km efficiency in the WLTC cycle with comprehensive Euro-NCAP safety certificates. The high efficiency solar panel on its roof allows a daily average 15km operation.
On the other hand, the minivan is targeted for industrial purposes, classified as Kei-car/N1 (designed for carriage of goods having maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes). The vehicle which is long 340cm is a 2 seater with 18kWh-48kWh modular battery capacity, load weight of 350kg and 2.7m3 volume capacity. Thanks to 5m2 of high efficiency solar panels it can operate some 40km daily through solar harvested energy only.
The company intends to set up a manufacturing plant in Malta in order to produce its vehicles. The investment opportunity goes directly in line with the European Union’s efforts and objectives to lower carbon and Greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, demand for electric vehicles has been on the increase over the last years in most EU countries, both due to various incentives by governments and due to a growing environmentally cautious market.
The total cost of ownership of such vehicles is also far lower than that of other traditional non-electric vehicles. According to company findings the total cost of ownership of electric vehicle after a period of 5 years will only amount 60% of a gasoline vehicle with a 1100 cubic centimeter engine.

The company is open to discuss various methods of finance, yet the use of convertible bonds or shares are favoured.

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